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রোমেনা আফাজ এর Robber Bonhur's New Appearance

Robber Bonhur's New Appearance
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মোট পাতা: 80

বিষয়: অ্যাডভেঞ্চার

The whole universe lay deep in darkness. A few stars twinkled in the sky like the eyes of a cat. The air was perfectly still; even the leaves of the trees did not stir. A grave silence was all around. The big trees looked like monsters. Now and then the barking of a watchdog came from a distance, but there were no other sounds in the whole universe. Robber Bonhur Series Part- 2. ROBBER BONHUR'S NEW APPEARANCE

Translated by Dulal Al Monsur. It is  a  popular adventure thriller series  which is written by Romena Afaz.  

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